An Introduction

Thank you for your interest in the American Mammoth Jackstock Association. Within our website you will find everything you need ranging from history of this majestic breed, to articles about them, and forms and rules to register your own animals.

April 10, 2019


Here at the AMJA we've been processing registrations like crazy. We've even been receiving interest in registering animals in Mexico.

We've added a new board member: Dr. Marco Oviedo, Equine Reproductive Physiologist Specializing in Mammoth Donkey Reproduction. Dr. Oviedo reached out to us in regards to the genetics of the American Mammoth Jackstock.

January 21, 2020

Recent News from AMJA

Greetings from AMJA,

Spring is just around the corner. The flowers will be blooming again soon, as well as a spring crop of new mammoth babies!! I can never get enough of those floppy eared cuties.
I am receiving more and more applications for registration of beautiful Mammoth Jackstock. The registry is growing. It is so exciting!!!

Custom-made AMJA T-shirts are here!! Check out the pictures in our online store or on our Facebook page. We currently have black and blue to choose from but we are happy to take special orders for different colors and sizes.More items will be coming soon. Show your donkey love and help support the preservation of the amazing American Mammoth Jackstock with one of these beautiful t-shirts.

Thanks to everyone for their support, It's going to be a great year!!

- Susan

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