AMJR Registration

AMJR Registration

Registration of Jackstock is vital to preserving the integrity of this unique breed.

"It is absolutely necessary for the Jackstock to have their own registry for them to get the recognition in the show ring and the world market. We have been running the risk for a long time of becoming a large Jackstock."

- Gail Flach, Coffee Hollow Jackstock, 2003


Mammoth Jackstock jacks, jennets and geldings meeting the criteria outlined in the Rules of Entry are eligible to be entered in the AMJR Stud Book. Animals registered before maturity, are issued a certificate that includes no measurements, and is considered to be a temporary registry entry. A registry update is required to be submitted when the animal reaches maturity (typically at five years of age). Upon receipt of the update, and verification by the AMJR Registrar that the animal meets the registry requirements, a permanent certificate of registry is issued.

Benefits of AMJR Registration

  • Certified pedigrees are an effective, and necessary tool in the management of a responsible breeding program.
  • With Stud Books dating back to 1888, AMJR can provide the most extensive pedigree information available for Jackstock.
  • Enjoy free promotion through AMJR as a breeder of AMJR registered Jackstock, or mules sired by AMJR registered jacks.
  • Meet the demands of today's discriminating buyers who recognize the added value of registered Jackstock.

Application to Registry

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