AMJR Registration

AMJR Registration

Registration of Jackstock is vital to preserving the integrity of this unique breed.

"It is absolutely necessary for the Jackstock to have their own registry for them to get the recognition in the show ring and the world market. We have been running the risk for a long time of becoming a large Jackstock."

- Gail Flach, Coffee Hollow Jackstock, 2003

Application to Registry

Application for registering animals

This document describes the rules of entry of registering your jackstock. It includes animal and application requirements and cost per animal (or herd price). $25 fee for international certificate shipping.

Breeding certificates must be submitted if the sire of the animal being registered specifically arranged the breeding of two jackstock. The certificate must be submitted at the time of registration.

Updates to Registration

Updates to registrations must be submitted once animal reaches maturity.

Transfer reports must be submitted by seller of animal for the buyer.