AMJR Breeders

In presenting AMJR's breeders, we would like to first acknowledge the contribution of some of the notable breeders of the past. True type American Mammoth Jackstock exist today due to the conscientious efforts and perseverance of such individuals as L.M. Monsees, Thomas Berry, W. Henry Graddy, George Hineman, Willis Grumbein, E.R. Stephens, Brigitte Lange, Chester Wingfield, Jack Siemon and others whose breeding careers spanned a period in Jackstock history of unprecedented threats to the survival of the breed.

The demand for Jackstock plummeted with the introduction of motorized vehicles after 1918. Thousands of animals were slaughtered, and the decreased value of those remaining presented a challenge in profitably breeding Jackstock. Those breeders truly devoted to Jackstock continued to maintain herds of well bred stock, some of whose bloodlines traced to animals imported before the Civil War.

These individuals realized the value of official pedigrees in producing Jackstock of superior quality with uniformity. The quality of the animals they produced enabled them to transcend periods of market volatility that bankrupted many others. By prudently selecting breeding stock of exceptional bloodlines, they produced many of the legendary jacks and jennets contemporary breeders strive to duplicate.

The Jackstock industry today is indebted to these tenacious individuals for bridging a gap that would without them have led to the demise of true American Mammoth Jackstock.

Breeders of AMJR registered Jackstock today are individuals who share the goal of their predecessors to produce the highest quality true type American Mammoth Jackstock. It is through the efforts of these discriminating breeders that the heritage and integrity of Jackstock will be preserved. Their dedication to breeding Jackstock conforming to the breed standard insures American Mammoth Jackstock will continue to be recognized as the superior breed of ass it was developed to be over 100 years ago.


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