The American Mammoth Jackstock Association offers several different levels of memberships: Prospector, Professional and International.


  • Prospector memberships are geared towards individuals who may or may not have jackstock, but are interested in becoming more involved with the Jackstock industry. The material offered for these memberships will help interested parties with where to start with their own breeding program. ($59/year)
  • Professional memberships are geared towards the people that are really involved with jackstock already, but need a little boost from information provided by the AMJA. This membership is available in the US ($79/year), as well as both Canada and Mexico ($89/year).
  • International memberships mirror professional memberships, but as their name suggests, are available internationally ($99/year).






All members have access to free flow of information from members who are handlers, conservators and researchers of American Mammoth Jackstock.

Lifetime Membership is a onetime fee of $1,500 and includes a marketing and advertising platform along with a lifetime membership certificate.